Kelly Clarkson's New Video For 'Catch My Breath'


Kelly Clarkson has been wowing fans with her voice since her American Idol days and her lastest song "Catch My Breath" is no exception.

Recently the singer admitted to CNN that having her voice at the forefront of her career wasn't always the case.  "Sometimes I can't listen to really old school songs...because they just use so much autotune when it's not needed that it kills me," Kelly explained. "I can't listen to it."

The singing sensation went on to say, "What I love about that though is on songs like 'Miss Independant,' not only was it autotune, I just sounded different, I sounded so young."

True to form, Kelly's latest music video - one of two new songs that will appear on her Greatest Hits: Chapter One compilation - is relatively basic.  It's a series of shots of Kelly looking super glamorous while literally "walking on water."

Although there are some cool water effects, this video is all about Kelly's amazing voice.  Greatest Hits: Chapter One is set to be released November 19. Check out the video for "Catch My Breath" below!


And if you want to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at Kelly's video shoots, check out some on set action in the video below!