Rick On His Walk In The Park With Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe is truly one-of-a-kind!

He's a pro at his craft, he's a genuine dude and he's sincere as can be.

After being the face of one of the biggest franchises in film history - you'd think you'd have a bit of an ego... but not this Brit! He's someone you meet for 10 minutes and realize you could have been good friends for 10 years.

He's chill, easy going and very conversational - he'll actually open right up about getting buck naked for his art and talk about relationship advice he gave out as a teenager... and he did exactly that while hanging out with me in Trinity Bellwoods park in downtown Toronto just steps away from bustling Queen Street.

Daniel has been in town shooting the independent romantic comedy, "The F Word", directed by the amazing Michael Dowse, who gave us "FUBAR" and "Goon"! Dowse also won a little contest to work at a music station just a couple years after I did all those years ago, to help launch both our careers... anyway back to the talented Mr. D-Rad. I could have talked with him for hours in the park about the Royal Family and his upcoming first trip to Vancouver next week to start filming his next movie, "Horns". But, the director started yelling, "where's Daniel?" and I'm the last guy who wants to upset the director - love ya Mr. Dowse...

Watch the sneak peek of my walk in the park with Daniel below and see the full thing on tonight's show!

- By Rick Campanelli