Wedding Plans Underway for Avril and Chad!


Avril Lavigne had the perfect accessory at her Abbey Dawn fashion line at New York Fashion week - her 14 carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring!

She tells People, " I can't take it off. I sleep with it on. It goes with every Outfit. Get engaged, it's the perfect accessory for every Outfit. I did it. You should, too.''

Well, we couldn't take our eyes off it and Avril can't take her mind off her big day. "Oh yeah, there's big plans," she tells ET Canada. "Our families are very happy for us. I'm super excited."

Avril and Chad had a whirl-wind six-month relationship… so if it's any indication, their engagement will be just as quick. But there is one thing the bride-to-be will take her time with - her wedding dress!

"I have my idea of what I want," she tells People. “It might be something that I buy a few different dresses and rip them up and put them all together and dye them, or maybe I’ll kind of do a collaboration with another designer.”

Avril was previously linked to Brody Jenner - the two dated for nearly two years, but the singer maintains a close friendship with his family. Brody's sister Kylie walked in Avril's Abbey Dawn collection in NYC on Monday. "I love Avril, her clothes are amazing," Kylie tells us, adding, "I'm really happy for her."