Matthew Perry Loses Friends on 'The Good Wife'


By Sarah Koo

Matthew Perry joined his old pal Julianna Margulies on "The Good Wife" on Sunday, and when we sat down with the duo they reminisced about how they first met in the '90s.

When Julianna starred on "ER" as Nurse Carol Hathaway, Matthew was just across the hall in the same studio playing Chandler Bing on "Friends". Although they had lost touch for many years, the two crossed paths again at a recent party. That’s when Julianna decided she had to have Matthew involved with "The Good Wife". 

The actor plays Mike Kresteva, who heads up a panel investigating a racially charged police shooting. When Julianna's character, Alicia Florrick, joins the group as the sole woman she ends up butting heads with Mike and other members. 

Matthew’s character is determined to sway the group by resorting to dirty tricks. But Alicia doesn’t back down and her relentless pursuit of the truth unveils some shocking case details that Kresteva would rather remain hidden. The tension between the two characters is strong, but the former "Friends" star jokes about how he managed turn that tension into sexual energy.

Although this is a departure from the fun-loving roles we know him for, Matthew tells us how much he enjoyed playing a "sociopath," and what he did to get into character.

Watch the interview below and check out the full episode here!