Kate Walsh Bares All On 'Shape' Cover


Kate Walsh Shape Cover

By Chandra Price

Kate Walsh strips down for the March cover of Shape magazine, revealing her secrets for staying in svelte form at age 44.

The "Private Practice" star isn't shy about her personal life in an interview with the magazine, opening up about everything from her natural hair colour to what turns her on. 

"Of course, these days my natural colour is more medium mouse," she says, "but I highlighted it to keep it blonde for a long time. And let me tell you, I got so much more attention from men." 

But Kate says her auburn hue is the perfect match for her personality: "I felt like an impostor before." "I'm stronger and sassier as a redhead. It's much more me."

As for her turn-ons, the actress admits that there's something about comedians that she finds sexy. "Comics like Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais are really sexy," she reveals.

Plus, she shows you how to firm your butt and lose the gut with an anti-gravity plan workout.