Mila Kunis On Her Inner Gay


Mila Kunis is best known for her dark role as an obsessed ballerina in "Black Swan", but the actress opens up to Conan O'Brien about her lighter side in real life.

The "Ted" star reveals what she meant when she recently said she feels like a “gay man trapped in a woman’s body." Mila says she loves LA's vibrant nightlife: "Sometimes I love getting dressed up and looking like a fabulous drag queen and going about town in West Hollywood!"

The 28-year-old also talks about her roommate and admits she loved making prank calls as a teen - and still does! “It’s just a little harder to do it because my voice is recognizable and I’m not skilled enough to change it,” she says. “[And] people don’t pick up private calls. They think they’re too good to pick up a blocked call so I can’t prank call people anymore... But I do try.”

Have a watch below!