Nelly Furtado's Hoops Get Even Bigger


Nelly Furtado released a second video for Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) and we’re guessing that the singer-songwriter is a big fan of DIY. Nelly tweeted: “Some like it HOME-MADE,” last week along with a link to the brand new, and you guessed it, homemade video.

The video is a far cry from the original, ditching the hoop dancers, Godzilla like building stomping and Nelly's circus stilt audition tape for a handful of skateboarders, a mall parking lot, Sunset Boulevard at night and some pretty sick home-made big hoop earrings.

The cool visual effects bring the video together and, dare we say, make for a video that’s more in tune with the idea for the song.

Check out the new video below and tell us which one you like better in the comments section below!