Lance Bass Says 'Justica' Wedding Is 'Top Secret'


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding is no doubt going to be the Hollywood event of the summer, but the planning is a top secret operation - even to good friend Lance Bass!

"I have no idea about the wedding plans!" he tells ET Canada. "Everything is kept hush-hush... I didn't even know about the engagement party until a few days before."

Lance seems to think the wedding will be sprung upon its guests: "I'm sure when the wedding comes about no one is going to know until five seconds before... which is understandable."

As for the music, could an 'N Sync reunion go down on the big day? Lance teases: "It would be great. who knows? You never know, we might do a little improve a capella!"

One this is for sure - a waterworks display from Justin's ex-band mate will likely happen, especially if he’s called on to make a toast. "I'll probably cry!" he admits. "That's what I do at these things. If I have to do a speech, it's something that means so much... the tears start coming."

- By Daniel Klimitz