People's Choice Awards Co-Host Anna Faris Talks Chris Pratt's Absence


Wednesday night at 9 pm ET Mom stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney will co-host the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards live from the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood.  ET Canada caught up with the first-time hosts to check up on our favourite mother-daughter on-screen duo before they hit the stage to present Hollywood's elite with awards voted on by fans.

"If we really screw up the show, we are going to have a car waiting to take us to Van Nuys airport and take us to Canada," Janney jokes.

"So you're going to have to accept us Canada, if the show doesn't go well."

It's safe to say that nerves are getting the best of the comedic duo at this point, but not for the reason you might think.

"It's a little nerve-wracking, we both have done theatre before so we are familiar with a live audience, but usually we're in front of the live audience as a character, not as ourselves," Janney explains. "The good news," says Faris, looking on the bright side, "is that we have a lot of happy people in the audience. Everyone's going to be happy to be there or hopefully they'll feel the happiness."

On the off-chance their audience isn't "feeling the happiness" there's always the age-old trick of picking out one person from the audience and playing to them (because clearly we're experts at hosting awards shows).

"Just one person?" Janney jokes "I'm going to try that, depends on who I can see though, my contacts are kind of wonky."

"There's so many, I don't know...who's my safety?" Faris jokes. "I feel like Kat and Beth, they've been giving us tips."

One happy face that Faris was hoping to look to is her husband -- breakout star of 2014 Chris Pratt -- but unfortunately a family appointment might keep him from supporting his wife.

"I am going to walk the red carpet with my co-star, co-host Allison Janney," Faris tells us. "My son is having eye surgery the next morning, so we'll see what happens, he may come, but he may not."

"I'm going to take care of her, she's going to be my date," Anna's on-screen mom chimes in.

"To be honest lately he's been intimidating me," Anna continues.  "So sometimes I just want him to stay home," she jokes calling Pratt her "movie-star husband."

Watch more with Anna Faris and Allison Janney below, tune into ET Canada tonight for more behind-the-scenes action as the People's Choice Awards preparations continue and be sure to find out how the 'Mom' stars do Wednesday evening at 9 pm ET.