Big Brother Canada Host Announced


Big Brother Canada is one step closer to getting started!

Slice has just announced a host for the much-anticipated show. The coveted job goes to Arisa Cox, formerly of the CBC and E! News.

"This is probably one of the coolest shows out there," Arisa tells ET Canada. "It's unbelievable that it's only now just coming to Canada."

Well, good things are worth waiting for as they say. So how will Arisa's hosting style compare to that of US host, Julie Chen?

"Julie comes at it from a very journalistic perspective. She wants to stay a little bit distant from what's happening," Arisa explains. "I'm emotional. I want to know the nitty gritty. I want the gossip. If someone gets backstabbed, I want to know if they're crying at night about it."

Watch ET Canada tonight for our full interview and see Arisa get all that gossip when Big Brother Canada debuts February 27 on Slice.

~ By Patricia Pehar