Ke$ha Gets Rowdy With Stuffed Animals


Party girl for life, Ke$ha is back with a new video for her second single off her latest album Warrior, "C'Mon".  If you thought dancing around the desert with a band of leather-clad cronies was crazy, wait until you step inside the psychedelic trip that is her latest video.

It starts following Ke$ha to work, where it's very clear to see she hates her job at The Awful House diner. Fed up, the blonde pig-tailed, short shorts-wearing waitress quits by dropping her lollipop into some guy’s coffee and storms out. Then the video gets really weird.

A painted van complete with a life-sized cat driver pulls up and delivers Ke$ha with what she's been missing in her life, dance parties and wreaking havoc with grown men in stuffed animal costumes. The rest of the video revolves around Ke$ha dressed as a modern day She-Ra "causin' trouble in the dark" with her plushy friends.

Watch the video, directed by Darren Craig for The Uprising Creative, below and let us know what you think in the comments section.


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